How to launch PHP - OpsWorks in VirtEngine


AWS OpsWorks PHP is a simple demo app that can help you get started using your favourite PHP language.

This tutorial will guide you in launching a php web application (OpsWorks) in VirtEngine.


  • You are running Ubuntu 14.04 or Linux workstation.

  • Git installed on your workstation, which you can do by following the How To Install Git with Apt.

  • You have an account on GitHub, which is a Git repository host.

  • You have to create a valid credential for accessing How to create an account with VirtEngine

  • You have to install openssh-server for ssh access.

      sudo apt-get install openssh-server
  • Check SSH working properly

      ps aux | grep sshd

This initial section contains everything you need to get OpsWorks PHP Simple Demo App and running on your server.

Step-1 Fork OpsWorks PHP Simple Demo App

  • Fork Open OpsWorks PHP Simple Demo App from

  • You will be see the fork option in the top right corner of the git hub the fork option.

  • The OpsWorks PHP Simple Demo App repository is forked into your git repository.

Step-2 Launch the app

  1. Go to VirtEngine Dashboard

  2. Click Marketplace on the top bar.Marketplace contains all the linux distros, applications, services and microservices which VirtEngine supports.

  3. Click PHP Icon.A window will pop up for your repository selection.

  4. Pick a repository by choosing your git repository.

Let us use Github: < mygithub >/php_simpleapp.git

  1. You can create new sshkey or use an existing sshkey or upload your own sshkeys too.

  2. To launch PHP App.Click Create.

  • Voila ! Your App is up to date.

  • Now that you have launched your app, you might want to launch a service (database) and bind it

Buildpack for php

We use a PHP build pack using our super cool chef-repo.

The buildpack for PHP

#Php builder
filename=$(basename "$remote_repo")
cd $megam_home
rm -r $project
git clone $remote_repo
rm -r $local_repo/*
mv ./$project/* $local_repo
cd $project
if [  -f "./$project/start" ]; then
chmod 755 ./$project/start
service apache2 restart

Step-3 Open Your Web browser

You can access your web page using https://IP_ADDRESS/current



These are the very simple steps to launch a php web app (OpsWorks PHP Simple Demo App) using github repository.

###Deploy PHP app now

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